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Updated February 17, 2008


Brownstown American Extravaganza

Our club was out in force for this annual patriotic celebration.



Pictures from our February 18 Meeting

We had a great turnout for Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy.  Wayne County Circuit Judge Patricia Fresard also spoke to the club.

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Presidential Caucus
February 7, 2004

Our Club organized and staffed the Brownstown and Woodhaven locations.  Our site was busy all day with voters coming in.  The most frequent thing we heard from them was "Anyone But Bush!!"  Our club heartily agrees.


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PAC Fundraiser
January 27, 2004

Our PAC Fundraiser was an unqualified success.  Event chair Greg Mahar, Jr. indicated it was one of the most successful events of this type in club history.  Congressman Dingell reminded us why we need to work hard to get rid of Temporary President George W.


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January 2004 Democratic Club Meeting

We were joined by three Circuit Judges Allen, Ewell, and Grohner, along with County Commissioner Boike and County Treasurer Wojtowicz.  Wayne County Homeland Security Director Tony Shannon also spoke.

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Artist Drawings of proposed Brownstown Center

This new mixed retail-residential development with a walkable business district would control Urban Sprawl and give our township a unique identity.  The township is currently studying a location at West and Telegraph roads for suitability.   

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